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The Pensions Regulator

We spent most of the day yesterday meeting with The Pensions Regulator as we were being educated on the auto enrolement process and the obligations and responsibilities that are being placed upon employers.  The slide presentation was extensive and although initially quite daunting we now fully understand and are engaged in preparing our clients for this mandatory change.

The next step for us is to pass information and understanding to our clients to encourage them to plan for auto enrolement as it is clear that the whole process needs to be clearly thought through and understood by all those who employ. Simultaneously we have contacted our software developers for an update on the functionality with regards to auto enrolement and begun the educational process for our own payroll specialists.

If you need advice on auto enrolement then please e-mail us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. initially.

Auto Enrolement - Are you in?

After the introduction of RTI payroll services will shortly be impacted by the introduction of auto enrolement for pension contributions.  All businesses with one employee will have to offer employees a pension scheme that meets certain criteria. There will be requirement for every business to do this and it depends on the size of the business as to when the legislation take effect.  Larger business will be affected first with smaller business following. If you do not know about this very important legislation that will affect your business and your employees then you should contact the pensions regulator for more information of a general nature. By entering your PAYE reference you will be to find out your "staging date" instantly. Alternatively contact us on 0800 7566980 for some advice and help.

What Type of Business ?

This is a bit "off the track" of payroll services but have you ever thought what type of business you are?

We think about this all of the time and have changed our views at least once.  You see originally everybody who did business was bound by geography. So we had a shop that sold groceries or hardware to the people who existed in the immediate vicinity. They got to know their customers and understood their wants and needs.

Over time improvements in transportation systems and technology allowed communication systems to be instant and this has facilitated the rise of the commodity based reatiler. " we can sell you what you can buy locally get it to you quickly and most imprtantly it will be cheaper" The commodity based business lives on the edge with tighter margins, bigger areas and increased automation making employees vulnerable.  This business needs to win the google sweepstake to survive.

Our business used to be a commodity business and we are now trying to become a community based business. We want to build a community of clients who receive a great service, a bespoke payroll service that meets their needs.

Thats not to say the other types can't work because they can - if you know what you are.

We want our clients to be proud to work with us beacuse of our values and our attitude to meeting the expectations of our clients.

Call us if you ae interested in doing business and becomming part of our community. 0800 7566980.

Changes To National Minimum Wage

Changes to the National Minimum Wage take effect from October 1st 2013.  The new rate for those over 21 will be £6.31 per hour but is less for those under 21 years of age or training.  Our payroll service has safeguards built in to take into account changes in the NMW and we will advise you if you are not compliant.  Please follow this link to our information on NMW where everything is expained in more detail.

If you need help or advice or are looking to outsource your payroll and would benefit from our managed payroll service please dont hesitate to get in touch,

Real Time Information

Well Real Time Information (RTI) has been with us now for a full six months and what do we think?

On the face of it the processing of payroll and filing of the periodic Full Payment Summary and Employer Payment Summary has gone quite well with our suystems filing and HMRC acknowledging the returns very efficiently.  We are not in the era of HMRC penalties just yet and that delight wont kick in until 2014/15.

Our impression is that HMRC is collecting data but is it the correct data?  We have instances of differences between our submissions and that stored by HMRC and to be frank the reslution process is slow to non existent.  This can leave our client "up in the air" with the impression that we have done something wrong when in fact this is not the case.

Patience is a virtue - or so they say.  Well I think as far as HMRC is concerned we need to be patient and hope they sort out their back office fast. For all our sakes.

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