Real Time Information

Well Real Time Information (RTI) has been with us now for a full six months and what do we think?

On the face of it the processing of payroll and filing of the periodic Full Payment Summary and Employer Payment Summary has gone quite well with our suystems filing and HMRC acknowledging the returns very efficiently.  We are not in the era of HMRC penalties just yet and that delight wont kick in until 2014/15.

Our impression is that HMRC is collecting data but is it the correct data?  We have instances of differences between our submissions and that stored by HMRC and to be frank the reslution process is slow to non existent.  This can leave our client "up in the air" with the impression that we have done something wrong when in fact this is not the case.

Patience is a virtue - or so they say.  Well I think as far as HMRC is concerned we need to be patient and hope they sort out their back office fast. For all our sakes.

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