What Type of Business ?

This is a bit "off the track" of payroll services but have you ever thought what type of business you are?

We think about this all of the time and have changed our views at least once.  You see originally everybody who did business was bound by geography. So we had a shop that sold groceries or hardware to the people who existed in the immediate vicinity. They got to know their customers and understood their wants and needs.

Over time improvements in transportation systems and technology allowed communication systems to be instant and this has facilitated the rise of the commodity based reatiler. " we can sell you what you can buy locally get it to you quickly and most imprtantly it will be cheaper" The commodity based business lives on the edge with tighter margins, bigger areas and increased automation making employees vulnerable.  This business needs to win the google sweepstake to survive.

Our business used to be a commodity business and we are now trying to become a community based business. We want to build a community of clients who receive a great service, a bespoke payroll service that meets their needs.

Thats not to say the other types can't work because they can - if you know what you are.

We want our clients to be proud to work with us beacuse of our values and our attitude to meeting the expectations of our clients.

Call us if you ae interested in doing business and becomming part of our community. 0800 7566980.

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