Buy Employment Contracts

All employees have an employment contract with their employer, although it may not be in writing. 

If you don't have a written contract, a contract would have been formed when your employee started working for your business. Employees are entitled to a written statement of their main terms within two months of starting work.

An employment contract is made once an employee accepts a job offer. Having a written contract in place could cut out any potential disputes with your employee at a later date, and will help you understand the obligations and rights of both parties.

Perfect Payrolls are able to offer a range of standard contract templates for you to use.  Each contract is supplied in word and can be tailored to your specific needs.

We can supply contract templates for the following at £20 each plus VAT

  • Full Time Contracts - This is a Full Time Contract applicable to a wide variety of jobs
  • Part Time Agreements - Cover the latest legislation updates for part time workers
  • Managers Contracts - Intended for use when you require more than the basic employment contract
  • Sales Managers & Reps - Applies to employees whose prime responsibility is sales
  • Directors Service Contracts - For companies seeking to employ directors
  • Pub Restaurant Contracts - Can be used for temporary and Fixed term positions
  • R35 & Self Employed - IR35 compliant, meaning that the contractor is responsible for their own tax, National Insurance and expenses
  • Sub-contractors Agreements - Designed for use by contractors wishing to take on other independant trades-people on a fixed term
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