Fully Managed Payroll Process

Fully managed payroll services are standard for our clients.

Once your payroll is set up we will receive your payroll information on a weekly, fortnightly, four weekly or monthly basis and process your payroll accordingly.

The information that you give will be checked and then processed via our HMRC accredited system. The outputs will then be thoroughly checked and then presented to you in the form of a suite of reports.

Our standard reports include the following:-


  • Payroll Summary report 1 details the Gross to Net pay along with payments and deductions
  • Payroll Summary report 2 breaks down the Gross pay and also details tax and NI deducted as well as the employers NI due
  • Payslips are provided on one PDF file for you to print on your own stationery and distribute although we do offer printed payslips
  • BACS report details how much each employee is to be paid
  • P32 report details the amounts payable toHMRC each month or quarter if you are a small business


All of our reports are provided via e-mail however we can provide them by post.  We can also provide security encrypted and printed payslips at addional costs. Click here for details.

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