Year end

Payroll years run from 6th April to the following 5th of April Inclusive and are split into 12 months each starting on the 6th and ending on the following 5th . Pay period 1 would be 6th April to 5th May and so on.

Following the 5th of April or the end of period 12 we currently have until 19th April to pay any amounts due to revenue and customs. We then have until 19th of May to file the P35 & P11's online with HMRC.

The P35 is a summary of all deductions for tax and NI for all employees paid in the period. The P11's are detailed documents containing details of payments and deductions for each employee and should reconcile with the P35.  It is not until HMRC receives this document that they will be able to confirm exactly what is owed and whether it has been paid.

We will produce all of the documents required for your payroll year end and perform the necessary reconciliations. We will send you the documents for you to approve prior to filing with HMRC and then ensure that they are filed on time correctly.

Our systems allow us to file online and receive acknowledgement via a correlation code from HMRC giving you peace of mind that the job has been done properly.


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