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OK if you are not ready for RTI you need to call us NOW 0800 7566980.
The key questions that you need to ask with regards to RTI are as follows:-
1. Do I need to register for PAYE and thus complly with RTI
The answer is that if you are registered for PAYE then you will need to comply with RTI. If you are not registered for PAYE and you will not make payments resulting in tax being deducted and employers NI becoming due then you do not need to register.
2. How do I prepare
The answer to this is that RTI is basically a data transfer made everytime you pay an employee. It relies on the accuracy of the data with the payroll and will be validated by HMRC. To prepare you need to ensure that the data held on all of your employees is accurate and complete.
Contact us as soon as you can as we can provide templates and processes to ensure that your data is accurate ensuring the smooth introduction of RTI.
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Important: For further advice on data quality, please visit HMRC's website.

Perfect Payrolls uses fully compliant HMRC software that is RTI ready. We have been involved in the RTI trial with HMRC and have been operating RTI since November 2012 for our clients who have expressed an interest in being early adopters.

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