Online Payroll

Online payroll - real peace of mind for employers

Online payroll - real peace of mind for employers

No matter how many employees you have, they expect to get paid. More than that, they expect to get paid the right amount at the right time. At one time, making sure that happened, and that everyone was happy was a reasonably straightforward process. But payroll has advanced. Experts will tell you the advancement is for the best, laymen will tell you it’s a source of a lot of lost sleep and stress.

Payroll is complicated. There’s no getting away from that. Even small payrolls take their toll on business owners. Some employers take someone on, even on a part-time basis to relieve them of the hassle. But when that person is off sick, on holiday, or leaves for another job, they quickly realise that that option isn’t the silver lining they thought it was.

If you want to relieve yourself of payroll burdens once and for all, then speaking to the likes of Perfect Payrolls is a huge step forward. When you work with us, you can kiss goodbye to worrying about your employees not getting paid on time, or getting paid the wrong amount. You can also forget about HMRC, RTI and Pensions Auto Enrolment. You can leave all that to us.

  • Secure

    When you work with Perfect Payrolls, you can relax, knowing that your sensitive payroll information is being dealt with in the best way. Because we work on huge numbers of payrolls, we can afford to invest in the best security. Our HMRC accredited software means that the security of your data is being dealt with seriously.

  • Confidential

    Many employers feel uneasy or have lost confidence about payroll information circulating in-house. When you choose Perfect Payrolls, the information you share with us is not circulating amongst your employees and is being handled by professionals who are impartial and not emotionally involved.

  • Convenient

    Few business owners work 9 to 5 these days and most expect to be able to access information about their business no matter where they are, day or night. That’s why at Perfect Payrolls everything we do is cloud-based. That means that you have access to your payroll wherever you are, so long as you have an internet connection and a device – and whenever you want it.

  • Simple

    Outsourcing your payroll is simple when you choose the right partner. At Perfect Payrolls, we’ve got it down to 4 perfectly formed, simple steps:

    1. Tell us when your payroll needs to get done.
    2. Upload your data and give us the green light.
    3. Leave the processing to us.
    4. Check the reports and send your payslips.

    It couldn’t be any simpler or more convenient. If you’ve had enough of payroll panics, let Perfect Payrolls take over.