Payroll Outsourcing

Is outsourcing your payroll working out like you’d hoped?

Is outsourcing your payroll working out like you’d hoped?

When you decide to outsource your payroll, you do it for good reason.  In most cases, it’s because you’re not a payroll expert and also because you worry about keeping up with the forever changing rules and regulations.

In most cases, it makes great financial and business sense to outsource your payroll.  When you do that, you relieve yourself of the fear and stress that surrounds payroll compliance, and the risk of errors.  But how well your outsourcing works out depends on the outsource solution you choose.

At Perfect Payrolls we speak to clients every day who’ve had enough of being treated like an account number rather than a person by their payroll services provider.  While they enjoy the fact that they’re not lying awake at night worrying about payroll compliance, they get frustrated by waiting for responses and being passed from pillar to post.

If this sounds like what you’re facing, you’re in the right place.

At Perfect Payrolls we’re known for speaking your language, for knowing your name and for treating you the way we like to be treated ourselves.  We’re used to welcoming new clients who have had enough of poor service and slow response times.  We take time to listen to what you expect from your outsourced payroll provider before we get engaged.  And we deliver.

Your own dedicated payroll expert

Fully compliant with HMRC legislation

Support designed to meet your needs

The importance of choosing the right outsourced solution

The importance of choosing the right outsourced solution

When you don’t get the right outsourced payroll relationship, you’re likely to find yourself:

  • On the phone all the time trying to sort out problems, but never speaking to the same person twice.
  • Getting passed from pillar to post.
  • Feeling like you’re a nuisance, not a paying client.

If you’re feeling or if you’ve felt any of these things, it’s probably not outsourcing your payroll that’s wrong for you - it’s more than likely your outsource payroll provider that’s wrong.

At Perfect Payrolls, we make it our job to listen.  Only by listening can we be truly different.  And we are truly different.  Our clients tell us all the time.

Maybe you’re worried about changing payroll provider?  Maybe you think all outsourced payroll providers are the same?

If this is the case, it’s time to think again.  We know that passing something as sensitive as your payroll to an outsider is stressful.  We know that leaving your current supplier is nerve-wracking.  We know that you just want the job done and to enjoy the service you deserve.

We can give you all of these things and more.  We’ll make your transition from your existing provider to us stress free and seamless.  We’ll welcome you to our fold and we’ll treat you the way you want to be treated.  Back all of that with our team’s 80-plus years of service; Institute of Payroll and Pension Professionals membership, and Bacs approval status and you’ll see why more and more people are moving to Perfect Payrolls.

Great reasons to choose Perfect Payrolls

Great reasons to choose Perfect Payrolls

When you’re doing or worrying about payroll, you’re not doing what you went into business to do.  When you outsource your payroll to the right provider, you can take the payroll monkey off your back and get on with doing what you do best – running your business.  Freeing yourself of keeping up to date with payroll compliance and legislation, as well as the day to day management of this important part of your business means you have lots more time to grow your business and make more profit.

Working in harmony with the right outsourced payroll provider means you can enjoy increased operating efficiency as well as increased payroll efficiency.  You can forget about needing to stay up to date with technological changes, paying payroll staff when they’re off sick or on holiday and funding recruitment and training. 

You will also gain increased payroll efficiency.  Inaccuracies and delays have a huge impact on morale and motivation.  And ask anyone who’s taken the risk of relying on a single person to do their payroll what happens if they’re off sick or on holiday – then you’ll be in no doubt.  These are just some of the efficiencies you can expect when you pass your payroll to Perfect Payrolls.

Payroll goes way beyond what winds up in your employees’ pay packets or bank accounts.  It’s one of the core fundamentals of your business success.  Your wage bill may be significant or small in actual number terms, but it impacts on your bottom line.  If you don’t have the right information at your fingertips, you could be missing out on opportunities or worse still, making bad decisions.  The information you get from Perfect Payrolls puts you firmly in the driving seat.

HMRC penalties for errors and lateness; disgruntled employees; chasing bank errors.  These all take time, cost money and rub people up the wrong way.  Add to that, the sensitivity of the information you’re dealing with when you deal with payroll and you start to see that having an expert on hand, with the right data security and procedures is worth its weight in gold.

When you have a complex task to do, you bring in an expert.  It’s simple really.  Yet it’s surprising how many people try to struggle on alone with payroll.  When faced with the barrage of changing legislation, timescales, rules and regulations surrounding payroll today, it’s not surprising that business owners find it stressful.  When you work with Perfect Payrolls we do all the keeping up to date and clock watching for you, so you don’t have to.  Now that’s real peace of mind.